Special Offer for Amateur (HAM) Radio Operators and Two Way Radio Dealers

Dear HAMs and Radio Dealers,

Special pricing and special radio features are now available for buyers with a valid Amateur radio operator's license or 2-way radio dealers certified by other radio manufacturers (e.g. Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Hytera).

- Unlocked operation in Frequency (VFO) mode.  Allowing direct keypad entry of any frequency supported by this radio.

- Big price discounts.  Contact us to get your discount coupon as advertised elsewhere.  Limited time offer!

- Programming software and programming cables to set up your radio exactly the way you want.


HAMs - Just send us a copy of your radio operator's license for verification and we will send you the discount coupon.  Email a scan of your license to sales@kwicall.com.

Two way radio dealers - Please email a link to your company web site, so we can verify your status and then we will send you the discount coupon. Email to sales@kwicall.com.