picoLink - Smart Hearing Protection & Worksite Team Communications

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Industrial Team Communicator for High Noise Environments - Prevents Hearing Loss

  • Lapel-worn compact PTT microphone and audio processor with wired earpieces
  • Powerful Hearing Protection (Choose 25 or 29 dB Noise Reduction wired earpieces)
  • Situational Awareness in high noise environments - intelligent processing of background noises
  • Can connect to your existing 2-way radios, or
  • Built-in wireless Push to Talk (PTT)  communications -  2 modes: short range (100m) and long range (500km+)  - No radio license or subscription required!
  • Large PTT button for use with gloves
  • Built-in noise cancelling microphone with advanced digital noise processing algorithms
  • Impulse noise removal
  • Filters and enhances high priority noises (e.g. vehicle back-up alarm)
  • VOX mode available for hands-free communications while working with tools
  • Secure and Encrypted team communications - Up to hundreds of users per group, web-based user group administration using iOS or Android App, up to 180 groups
  • 50+ hours of talk time per battery charge
  • weighs only 49 grams
  • Includes advanced wired earplugs with 4 different sizes of earpiece