Complete kit: KC-589 Dual-band, Hi-Power, VHF/UHF Portable Radio

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Are you fed up with the lousy short-coverage-range, smashed broken plastic, and the constant interference of those consumer-grade radios from retail stores?

Step up to a real industrial radio with an amazing range of capabilities: the KC-589.

VHF or UHF, this radio does it!  This tough little radio was made for truckers, construction, warehouses, industrial sites, highway pilot vehicles, cranes, search & rescue, hunting, boating, backwoods logging roads, etc.

Amateur (HAM) operators love this radio! Powerful and easy to use! It's so versatile, some use this radio as a troubleshooting tool for their radio systems.

Great range! - up to 10 Watts Tx power

Avoid fines and seizure of your radios. Use legal equipment!  Unlike many unauthorized and illegal radios sold on the Internet, the KC-589 is legal to use in Canada - Approved by ISED (formerly called Industry Canada). 

This radio will serve you well in many different scenarios for many years: It is simple enough for any user to just select a channel and start talking, but, also versatile enough to help you scan to find other radio user's channels and even scan to find their CTCSS/DCS privacy tones.  The one-button talk-around function allows you to talk to another local user on their repeater channel, even if you are both too far away to hit the repeater.

The kit includes:  Radio transceiver, dual band antenna, Li-Ion battery, belt-clip, drop-in charger with AC adaptor and user manual.   Select additional accessories as required such as Spare batteries, and Remote Speaker Microphones

KwiCall Canada can program your radio channels for you with our Radio Configuration Service. Or if you have trained radio technicians they can do it for you with KC-589 programming software and a USB programming cable.  

Click here for Radio Configuration service required in order to enter your stored channels. 


  • Extremely versatile Dual Band operation: 136-174 MHz and 403-470 MHz
  • Supports VHF and UHF analog Amateur and Commercial bands
  • Compact (61 x 125.5 x 36.5 mm) and lightweight (280g)
  • Store 128 channels in memory
  • Dual channel display - quickly switch between 2 channels
  • Durable metal chassis and high-impact plastic casing
  • 25 kHz wideband and 12.5 kHz narrowband
  • Full keypad
  • Voice announcement
  • Built-in LED Flashlight
  • FM Radio receiver - automatically switches between FM radio and 2-way radio whenever a LMR transmission is received.
  • Selectable RF transmit power 10W/5W/1W (typical EIRP)
  • CTCSS and DCS privacy codes supported:  CTCSS and DCS scan of received signals to match other user's radios
  • DTMF encoding and decoding and Selective Calling
  • DTMF ANI Function
  • Talkaround Function at the push of a button
  • Able to Reverse Tx & Rx repeater frequencies 
  • Long lasting 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery

Keypad Control:  Very useful for troubleshooting radio and repeater systems in the field. Users can configure some features in this radio via the keypad. e.g. Tx and Rx CTCSS/DCS, Hi/Lo Power, SCAN, Squelch Level, Wide/Narrow band, Reverse Tx/Rx frequencies, VOX mode, Time-out Timer, Busy Channel Lockout.

Special features for authorized users: Amateur radio operators and radio technicians are able to purchase this radio with frequency (VFO) mode enabled for keypad selection of channels and full band frequency scanning.  Casual users are restricted to Channel mode. Statutory declaration is required to enable frequency mode. Click here to request special discounts and privileges for authorized users.

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